Logos of Wellington

Logos of Wellington:

We all have our own identity to tell the world who we are. Wellington shares a simple, yet perfect logo with the world.

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I believe each city has its own clear identity, or logo. It could be a fancy, luxurious building, or an interesting design. Wellington’s logo is built on the spirit of its people and its culture. These pieces of art at the Town Hall Square create a fantastic and clear logo for the capital. 

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In my eyes, it’s probably the most creative design and lowest cost possible. When I was in Shanghai, the city’s logo was the fancy and expensive buildings lining both sides of the Huang Pu River. I prefer the simplicity and creativity of Wellington’s identity rather than the luxurious and expensive logo known in Shanghai.


Can you recognise  these logos in Wellington?  What is your favourite logo?







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From Haiying Shi 史海瑛

Founder of Sea Eagle Consulting