Memorial for Short History

Memorial for Short History

Although New Zealand has a short history, I have learned it’s a rich history cherished by Kiwis who build connections with their roots.

As someone who comes from a country with a long history, I have admiration for Kiwis who devote lots of attention to remembering their short, but rich history. I was always curious as to why New Zealanders paid so much attention to their history. After a while, I realised they wanted to build a connection with their roots, whether their roots were European or otherwise. They enjoy building connections with wherever their ancestors came from. When people leave their home country, I feel they have a stronger desire to build these connections back home. That’s likely why we have such a strong British and Irish connection here in New Zealand. It’s all part of us connecting with the positive parts of our heritage.

Love from Haiying Shi 史海瑛

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From Haiying Shi 史海瑛

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