Building Connection

I’m a new migrant from China, now living in Wellington, New Zealand. From 2011 to 2013, I traveled between the two countries quite often. Since 2014, I started to settle down in Wellington.

This album, Connection with Wellington, records my discovery moments, my thoughts, and the connections I made. I am delighted to share with you, whether you are a local yourself, a new migrant, or a tourist in Wellington.

If you’re a local, I hope this album helps remind you how charming and lively Wellington truly is. These photographs can show locals what is new for migrants in Wellington as well as remind you of the creative and cultural life thrives in Wellington. I encourage you to look around, to open your eyes and revisit the beautiful city that you have become so used to.

Nature inside our life

If you are a new migrant, I hope these photographs inspire you to make your own way and adapt to this city. I hope you can capture something new, as I have, to build a close connection with this special city.

The multi-cultural society

if you are a tourist, especially from East Asian, i hope the images of me, with a similar face and attitude as yours,  they can ]help me find the connection with this cool little capital if you are walking around in wellington for discovery.

Second Hand culture

Respect the short History


Creative Street Art


Cafes with personalities


Would you like to follow the menu?  The pages with diverse topics will show you how I understand and connect  with KIWi culture gradually in Wellington.


Haiying Shi

Founder of Sea Eagle Consulting