Cafes With Personalities

Cafés with Personalities

No one café is the same in Wellington and I love to explore the different personalities of each spot.

I love to visit all the unique cafes around the city. Whether I am feeling like a comfy, warm place to relax or I want to enjoy the sun on the waterfront, there is a café for me. Each café has an individual design and I can feel the strong personalities of the owner or designer. There is a lively personality that exists in Wellington’s coffee culture.

Wellington’s cafés offer a unique flair. In other countries, I typically always see one franchise brand and it’s the same brand all over. I am so happy Wellington protects its individuality in the coffee culture. It showcases how creative Wellington really is and offers a spot for everyone to enjoy some of the best coffee in the world. 

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From Haiying Shi 史海瑛

Founder of Sea Eagle Consulting