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To Be Stylish:

When I walk around Wellington’s streets, people still assume I am a tourist although I consider myself a local. In their eyes, my accent and dressing style give them the impression I am a visitor. Often times, people who meet me comment that I look stylish, which is a lovely and warm compliment. It emphasises that my style is not typical of the Kiwi style.

For me, it’s never been hard to be stylish. I choose the materials, style and colours that suit me best and never follow the popular style. I feel that’s the key to making a style suit a person naturally and stand out from the rest.

Kiwi dress is often very casual and humble, with shorts and sandals as common clothing items. I have seen a few individuals around the city who have a unique style for themselves. I see some young people get creative with second-hand clothing. They craft items into distinct styles that are quite lovely.

For the more mature audience, there are less options at the second-hand shops to create such unique styles at an affordable price.

I want to see more people in Wellington embrace their personal style and I would love to help them get do this! One of my businesses is to make your own style in China.

As a trader from China, I have a strong passion for making you and your home beautiful. My business will help you achieve your dream beauty. With my guidance and advice, I can take you to meet some of the most skilful tailors in China who can show you a wide range of materials to make everything from beautiful curtains to personalised clothing. I will help you find your individual dream style at the most affordable price. And we will travel and tour around China along the way!

Love From Haiying Shi 史海瑛

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From Haiying Shi 史海瑛

Founder of Sea Eagle Consulting